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About Hélène en Danny

Those who spend some time with them can feel that they have integrated the deep, actively listening native way of life into their lives. They are supported by their years of experience as therapists, strong natural connection, roots in native teachings and with the information that came through when they came together. Working together, they experience that their personal talents complement each other in a beautiful and powerful way, resulting in even more clarity, kindness and growth in every situation.

Because of their diverse background they form a beautiful bridge from the depth and wisdom of the ancient traditions to our practical Western lifestyle.
With calm, dedication and kindness they live for what they carry out. They stand next to you in every process and do their work “for the good of all, for now and the next seven generations.”

Danny Vader

Danny came into contact with the native American tradition after a number of studies and work experience in various fields, including agriculture, nursing, information technology, Cranio Sacral therapy. Over the past 20 years he has studied, amongst others, the Wolfclan teachings given by Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, her son Bob and his wife Lee Nitsch from the Seneca tribe. Here he also got an important tool, which now forms the core of how Danny works. This has become what is called the Homefire training.

Through these experiences and teachings, a journey began that led him around the world. He was asked to guide groups to increase their natural connection and awareness and thus to strengthen the co-creation process.

It is his life mission to find clarity and purity in every situation. Besides a good sense he can listen to a deep level. In groups he sees the bigger picture, making it easy to move through the challenge or question that plays. His talents are dedication and intuition. Where the dedication provides focus, self-discipline and kindness, his intuition gives the necessary information and a feeling of deep connection with all life. From this connection there is communication (from the heart) with all life (awareness) which helps to find answers from which natural growth and movement follows.



Hélène van Engelen

Hélène was a dreamer when he was a child, the images and magic created a rich inner life. Her journey went along various paths and experiences. From a business administration study, working for an international bank as a trainer and facilitator, to guiding families, children and youth as a therapist over the past 15 years.

As a family therapist she researched and worked from many different perspectives. She used the most diverse techniques to release traumas including EMDR, EFT, Touch or Matrix and family constellations. In addition, she used methods to raise awareness by practicing mindfulness and heartfulness. From her own experience she noticed that it always comes down to inner peace. How you can stay kind for yourself and others in every situation.

Her main mission is to bring connection, love and joy back to every situation. Together, being, living, working and building in peace.

It is one of her talents that she can connect at a deep level with all group members and the group theme. In this way the theme is seen and heard on every level. This allows the group to integrate the emotions and create new openings and movement. Another talent is her tenacity when it comes to personal truth. She always looks for the truth in every situation. The truth of what really happens on every level. This gives a deep sense of peace with her and in the group.