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Annual training personal leadership 2019

Personal leadership is about your authentic way of growing. Growth always has to do with your life’s purpose. Where it does not flow, or where there is no growth, we are helped by life to find our way back. Your natural talents will help you to find your way back in a gentle way (inner peace). Movement and growth automatically returns to all areas of your life, such as work, private life, relationship and family. In this annual training you will experience how that works for you.


Every person always has intrinsic motivation to grow. Growth is life. In this annual training you will learn how growth works for you, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Personal leadership is also about the ability to ‘listen’ on a deeper level with all your senses, to further develop your natural talents. This gives clarity and confidence to make the next steps and grow in accordance with your ‘life’s purpose’.


What are you learning

  • How does growth work?

  • How do you recognize circles in which you keep turning around and you do not really progress.

  • How does your consciousness grow so that you have a clearer picture of your own consciousness.

  • What is personal leadership and how does that work for you?

  • Why is it important to recognize emotional blockages?

  • How can you enter into emotional blockages?

  • How does physical change work and what is the relationship with inspiration and emotional blockages?

  • Allowing and supporting physical change.

  • Start by recognizing your own natural talents.

  • See how your talents help, with what you have to do here.

  • Recognize more and learn to work with your own (authentic) power.

  • Identify blockages and transform into growth and authentic strength.


What can you expect

You work on your personal growth and your own goals during the annual training. The starting point is that this year is all about your own inner growth. The group helps to keep focus and help you to do this in safety.

We work with Native teachings, modern meditation techniques, Wheel of growth, and many experiential exercises. Furthermore, you will be physically supported where necessary.

The most important ingredient of this training is that it is mainly about experience and the embodiment of growth on every level. Growth is best when you are relaxed. From there everything is possible!

Growth looks different for everyone and is not a copy-paste process. Personal leadership is feeling and experiencing how this works for you.



  • we make appointments with the group about the dates.

  • Halfway through the month a conference call with the whole group for questions and new information.

  • Working together with a buddy.

  • App group contact for questions and new assignments during the month.

  • A number of times per month on a fixed day you receive a personal remote clearing.


What do we ask of you

  • Commitment for a year (12 months)

  • Openness, willingness to learn, courage to really change from within.

  • Ability to reflect, experience with personal development



To be set with group

Inflow is possible at any time.

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