From Burnout to personal leadership

Burnout and work stress are common among people with a great talent. Often this is a talent of which they and/or their environment are not yet aware. Feelings of fatigue, emotional disconnection, or an inability to focus or concentrate, as well as various physical pains can make you feel burned out. What if, within that burn out, there is a nice present, a natural talent that has not yet been discovered? In the ‘From Burnout to Personal Leadership’ Program, your natural talent becomes visible and tangible, so that you can use it in a healthy way for the benefit of yourself and your work environment.

The program ‘From Burnout to Personal Leadership’ leads you through five phases of change. In every phase the change in yourself becomes more tangible and visible.


Phase One, Pressure Cooker.

You feel that you have been under pressure for too long. Perhaps this also manifests itself in a variety of physical complaints. The feeling of being burned out and not knowing how to reduce the pressure for yourself, causes fatigue, agitation, physical pain and the inability to make clear decisions. In this first phase you will experience how to directly reduce the pressure.

You are learning to:

  • Get out of the ‘pressure’

  • Be conscious of the situation and the impact

  • Cultivate more peace at home

  • Involve your partner and/or family in the process.

  • Develop openness, to yourself and the environment.


Phase Two, Cooldown and Recovery.

As soon as the pressure is reduced, there is more absorption capacity. The next step is learning to lower the pressure in yourself. In this workshop you will learn a more constructive way to deal with your emotions without blocking them, which costs a lot of energy. As a result, you will begin recovery, your body will relax more easily, and with that, your energy level will increase.

You are learning to:

  • Reduce the number of thoughts and emotions.

  • Live through emotions so that they change into experience.

  • Move from fatigue to more energy.

  • Embrace movement.

  • Develop the courage to stay with yourself and act differently.


Phase Three, Structure and Trust

In this phase, you will develop a clearer and deeper awareness of your actions.You will learn to allow changes that are right for your well-being and raise your level of consciousness on your entire situation. You will recognize your natural talents which develops self-confidence and a foundation for future action.

You are learning to:

  • Develop a different view on acting.

  • Change your way of thinking and decision making.

  • Change your action.

  • Build body awareness.

  • Recognise your natural talent.

  • Feel physical changes.

  • See visible change.

  • Slow from the inside to allow more movement from the outside, building inner leadership.


Phase Four, Unpack the Gift and Return the Favor.

Now that you have a deeper awareness and have identified your natural talent, you will develop your gift further, and your gift becomes noticeable for your immediate environment.  In this phase you will deploy and share the uncovered talents, knowing that your growth and change will benefit you and the people around you. This reinforces even more the feeling of being at home in yourself and with others. Look back and experience that the burnout was a blessing in disguise.

You are learning to:

  • Experience and see the gift and the talents that you have.

  • Know that if you are ‘at home’ you can receive and unpack your gift.

  • Return your gift to your environment and the company where you work.

  • Expand personal leadership.


Phase Five, Sustaining Growth.

Ensure growth and change. Deal with challenging situations, and continue building trust.

You are learning to:

  • Further develop and grow your gift.

  • Keep the fire going.

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