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Personal leadership

Personal leadership is about your authentic way of growing. Growth always has to do with your life’s purpose. Where it does not flow, or where there is no growth, we are helped by life to find our way back. Your natural talents help you in a gentle way (towards inner peace). Movement and growth automatically returns to all areas of your life, such as work, private life, relationship and family.

Annual training personal leadership 2019

Every person always has intrinsic motivation to grow. Growth is life. In this annual training you will learn how growth works for you, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Personal leadership is about the ability to ‘listen’ on a deeper level with all your senses and to further develop your natural talents. This gives clarity and confidence to make the next steps and grow in accordance with your ‘life’s purpose’.

'The Art of happiness is to serve All'

From Burn-out to personal leadership

Burnout and work stress is common among people with a great talent. Often a talent that they and / or their environment are not (yet) aware of. Due to complaints such as fatigue, many or few emotions, little focus, concentration and physical pain it can feel as if you are burned out.

But what if there is a nice present and you have a natural talent that has not yet been discovered. In the ‘Burn-out to personal leadership’ program, your natural talent becomes visible and tangible, so that you can use it in a healthy way for the benefit of yourself and your work environment.