We have got a few guidelines we commit ourselves to. This is how we meet people and how we do business. All to the best of our ability, so we can keep our and your integrity and dignity intact. This way we guarantee the best balance and learn from every situation so our wisdom grows.

1. We are Kind to ourselves and others

2. We Base every thought, word, emotion and action to be for the good of all and to support all live.

3. We use our common sense

4. We stay in our inner peace

5. We have fun 🙂

These are the 5 basic guidelines. If we get out of line, we interact and talk about it so we get back into our integrity.

We do this by not only listening to the words and actions that are said or shown but by deeply listening to the intention behind everything.
This guarantees a connection based on truth and harmony or the willingness to bring this back in every situation.

Thank you for being.